During the event, you will get the opportunity to present your project idea in front of an international audience.

You can download the template here. Please rename the file (Use your company name), convert it into a pdf file and send your presentation to Justine Bounet or Séverine Coupé before Friday,April 20th.

During your presentation, focus your pitch on your expertise, your advantages and explain clearly what you are looking for. Your presentation should not exceed 3 slides ! 

As the number of presentations is limited, the selection of the participants  will be done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Your participation to the pitch session will be confirmed a week before the event. 

Pitch presentations:

  1. Spacetrain
  2. WeCo
  3. Apsys Humautom
  4. Apsys Safesecurity
  5. Apsys Datasecurity
  6. Apsys Humauto
  7. CEA
  8. Stimshop
  9. Havelsan
  10. Sardou
  11. Citypassenger