Better connectivity, Less complexity

What we are looking for:
We are looking for customers (and have already some) in the following fields:
- Transport (automotive, aeronautics, railways, naval industry...)
- Energy (facilities management...)
- Space

What we offer:
VooX is a French startup which developed a patented innovative technology enabling significant reduction of electronic system development time.

VooX technology is a real time communication middleware implemented on standard electronic components (FPGA).

It has the unique ability to handle all data exchanges between embedded intelligent units, regardless of underlying standard communication protocols, with a very basic application interface and while complying with the most severe safety constraints (Worst Case Execution Time modelized and guaranteed).

It can be used as a stand-alone (only one VooX unit) or fully distributed solution (several VooX units interconnected).

VooX technology is easy to implement in existing system architectures and can be used with great benefits in retrofit projects, enabling new equipments to work with outdated communication protocols.

It can be delivered in various electronic cards form factors or through IP cores.
VooX technology is compliant with the most severe safety rules and can be implemented in products to be certified.


Mr Stéphane ROSE

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