VERTPOM - Genuine Energy for a Positive and Modular Territory

What we are looking for:
We seek a technical and commercial partnership with reliable and innovative companies as well as european financial investments or funding to provide us the means to go forward fast with the innovation trend. We want to achieve a true carbon free business model.

What we offer:
Our consortium composed of UNIVERSITY OF PICARDY JULES VERNE develop and deploy a decision tool called VERTPOM Bank witch maintain an optimize energy balance to reach a positive energy territory.
Our tool combine a modular deployment of a smart and native multi-fluid network .
Our project is laureate of Environment and Energy Management Agency, ADEME, within the Investment Program of the Future Framework.

  • WP Energy/Environnement
    • LC-SC3-RES-28-2018-2019-2020: Market Uptake support
    • LC-SC3-SCC-1-2018-2019-2020: Smart Cities and Communities
    • LC-SC3-ES-4-2018-2020: Decarbonising energy systems of geographical Islands
    • LC-CLA-17-2020: Developing the next generation of Earth System Models 

    • LC-CLA-02-2019: Negative emissions and land-use based mitigation assessment
    • LC-CLA-05-2019: Human dynamics of climate change
    • LC-CLA-06-2019: Inter-relations between climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services
    • SC5-10-2019-2020: Raw materials innovation actions: exploration and Earth observation in support of sustainable mining 

    • SC5-13-2018-2019: Strengthening international cooperation on sustainable urbanisation: nature-based solutions for restoration and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems


Smart Grid developer

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