EO and GNSS cooperation

What we are looking for:
We are looking for companies and research institutes to build successful consortia and proposal Space-related (EO technologies).

What we offer:
On the ground segment side Intecs has acquired several specific competencies in the development, validation and operation of SW environments supporting the Ground Systems of satellite missions. Our focus is mainly on the user segment side. Our team is able to design innovative Ground Segment Interoperable systems based on Service Oriented Architecture principles allowing users to interface different ground segments in a seamless service using the main OGC standard. The solution is cloud based and is integrated with BI and analytics tools allowing an easy integration with streams of Big Data. This flexible architecture allows us to integrate EO data with social media, telecommunication data and easily create value added products.

Intecs has developed a set of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Receivers and GNSS Signal Analysis products based on Software-Defi ned Radio (SDR). The solutions are capable of receiving GPS, EGNOS and the new GALILEO constellation.
The fully software approach allows producing receivers by reducing overall HW components with an higher level of configurability, which was not attainable with traditional hardware receivers. The resulting solutions are more flexible and hardware independent, so that the products can be deeply re-configured via software. For example, a GPS receiver can be converted to a GALILEO receiver by a simple software update.

Intecs provides Innovative services and models in support of reporting and policy making in smart mobility and precision agriculture domains integrating and processing data from space technology and remote sensing with data in situ (ground sensors)

  • WP Energy/Environnement
    • SC5-16-2019: Development of commercial activities and services through the use of GEOSS and Copernicus data
  • WP Space
    • Earth observation
      • DT-SPACE-01-EO-2018-2020 : Copernicus Market Uptake
      • LC-SPACE-04-EO-2019-2020: Copernicus evolution : Research activities in support of cross-cutting applications between Copernicus services
      • DT-SPACE-06-EO-2019 : International Cooperation Copernicus - Designing EO downstream applications with international partners
    • EGNSS Market uptake
      • LC-SPACE-EGNSS-1-2019-20: EGNSS applications fostering green, safe and smart mobility
      • SU-SPACE-EGNSS-3-2019-20: EGNSS applications fostering societal resilience and protecting the environment


Mr Simone Gianfranceschi
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