Atmospheric space programme

What we offer:
Space solution to bring at most effective cost, the maximum of european technology for the benefit of environmental issues, by monitoring the evolution of atmospheric composition.
This is done in synergie with the best knowledege in modelisation and ground based observations.
It adress especially Air Quality/pollution of air, Ozone hole /Uv radiation and carbone budget monitoring.

  • WP Energy/Environnement
    • LC-CLA-18-2020: GEOSS observations supporting the EU in its international commitment in the domain of climate change
    • LC-CLA-05-2019: Human dynamics of climate change
    • LC-CLA-06-2019: Inter-relations between climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services
    • SC5-14-2019: Visionary and integrated solutions to improve well-being and health in cities 

  • WP Space
    • Earth observation
      • DT-SPACE-01-EO-2018-2020 : Copernicus Market Uptake
      • LC-SPACE-05-EO-2019: Copernicus evolution : Research activities in support of a European operationnal monitoring system for fossil CO2 emissions
      • DT-SPACE-06-EO-2019 : International Cooperation Copernicus - Designing EO downstream applications with international partners


Ms Carole DENIEL
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