Measuring CO2 emissions of cities

What we are looking for:
We are looking for partners :
- to access new sources of urban data (transportation, buildings,...) based on open data platforms, satellite imaging,...
- with precise measurement technologies of CO2 (sensors, satellite)

What we offer:
Measuring CO2 emissions of cities (in partnership with the LSCE - CEA/CNRS laboratory)

We historically developed climate energy plans, as well as detailed bottom up carbon inventories for public authorities.

  • WP Energy/Environnement
    • LC-SC3-SCC-1-2018-2019-2020: Smart Cities and Communities
    • SC5-16-2019: Development of commercial activities and services through the use of GEOSS and Copernicus data
    • LC-CLA-18-2020: GEOSS observations supporting the EU in its international commitment in the domain of climate change
  • WP Space
    • Earth observation
      • DT-SPACE-01-EO-2018-2020 : Copernicus Market Uptake
      • LC-SPACE-04-EO-2019-2020: Copernicus evolution : Research activities in support of cross-cutting applications between Copernicus services
      • LC-SPACE-05-EO-2019: Copernicus evolution : Research activities in support of a European operationnal monitoring system for fossil CO2 emissions
      • DT-SPACE-06-EO-2019 : International Cooperation Copernicus - Designing EO downstream applications with international partners


Ms Sarah Dubreil
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