STIMCOM, wireless communication via ultrasound

What we are looking for:
We are looking for industrial customers that have to deal with constrained environments (aerospatial, energy, nuclear, defence, chemistry, health, clean zones).
Everyone who wants to easily replace a wire with wireless communication.
It's relevant for maintenance and to create temporary wireless network without dsiturbing the environment.
We can also protect people with an ultraound dome, for gammagraphy for instance.

We are also looking for integrators and distributors that will benefit form this technology to add new services to their offer.

What we offer:
STIMCOM is a new wireless communication technology via our patented ultrasound signals. It's relevant in constrained environments, where radio waves are not effective : explosive, electro sensitive or ultra secured zones.
STIMCOM is the most robust and reliable utrasound data transfer technology, to optimize wiring and connect devices in mobility.
Broadcasted through existing infrastructures (sound system, tablets, smartphones), it's easy and cheap to deploy.
It's secured because the signal stays in the place and can't be "heard" from outside.

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Mr Dominique PALACCI

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