Physically correct Sensor Simulation

What we are looking for:
1/ We are looking for a consortium who needs sensors simulation.
camera, LIDAR, USS
Industries: autonomous cars, trains, boats.

2/ Industrial vision (simulation of a camera in a factory of futur)

3/ We are looking for a consortium who needs light simulation in VR.
Industries : smarts cities

What we offer:
We offer a platform to simulate sensors in a physically correct virtual world.
Sensors are : camera, LIDAR, USS
This platform is used in automotive industry, for sensors position and for autonomous driving, it can be use for Drones as well.
This platforms is linked with other platforms : car dynamic, scenarios, sensors fusion, AI.

The platforms sends to other platforms : 'what virtual sensors sees in a characterized virtual world', it's images. Then the other platforms can deal with this data to take decisions.

We offer simulation tools (SPEOS) to very accurately simulate lights and sensors

  • WP Energy/Environnement
    • LC-SC3-SCC-1-2018-2019-2020: Smart Cities and Communities
    • BG-07-2019-2020: The Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative
  • WP Transport
    • MG-2-7: Safety in an evolving road mobility environment
    • DT-ART-04: Developing and testing shared, connected and cooperative automated vehicles fleets in urban areas for the mobility of all


Mr Christian Hesse
Strategic Alliances Director
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