Platform Motion Analysis and Testing Laboratory

What we are looking for:
We are looking for customers who need to make tests on motions simulators with measuring impacts of liquid for example.
They provide:
High precision motion: the hexapods
enable the simulation of harmonic and
irregular motion based on the six degrees
of freedom (rotation and movement on
three perpendicular axes). A measurement
system checks the position of the simulator’s
six cylinders, ensuring the accuracy of
the motions confi gured for totally reliable
Simultaneous measurements: the sensors
and high-performance data acquisition
systems simultaneously measure dynamic
pressure and various environmental
parameters including the temperature of
the load and atmospheric pressure.
Instantaneous feedback: several on-board
cameras capture real-time images which
can be synchronised based on the
parameter(s) selected.
Tests can be reproduced less expensively.

What we offer:
GTT is one of the few companies in the
world to have an integrated research and
test laboratory for fl uid dynamic testing
under real operating conditions using
motion simulators (hexapods). The company
has been developing expertise in motion
modelling and simulation for over 10 years.
GTT is recognized worldwide in this fi eld.
It has been extending testing to all types of
non-liquid motion.
Testing is done on a continuous basis,
24 hours a day, by a team of engineers and
technicians who are highly qualifi ed in digital
and experimental modelling and measuring
and in the processing of physical signals.

  • WP Energy/Environnement
    • BG-05-2019: Multi-use of the marine space, offshore and near-shore: pilot demonstrators


Mr Youssef Atik
Motions Lab Manager

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