Vertech Group - Boosting Sustainability Performance

What we are looking for:
With the objective of becoming an important actor of environmental transformation, leading eco-friendly practices at both local and global levels, we’re looking for opportunities to develop our scope of work after several successful European projects and are very keen to become an active partner in new technological innovations or new projects.

What we offer:
Our sustainability services are applicable in both private and public sectors, in multisectoral industry (e.g. agriculture, waste & water, high-tech) and specific areas of application (e.g. biobased, nanotechnology). Our international team, composed of rigorous and talented professionals with significant experience in early innovation technologies, develop tailored approaches for our clients. Using state-of-the-art software such SimaPro 8 and GaBi, our tools and methodologies empower clients as they transition to more socially responsible, environmentally conscious, and profitable operations.

  • WP Energy/Environnement
    • LC-SC3-RES-28-2018-2019-2020: Market Uptake support
    • LC-SC3-SCC-1-2018-2019-2020: Smart Cities and Communities
    • LC-SC3-RES-23-2019: Development of next generation biofuel and alternative renewable fuel technologies for aviation and shipping (aviation & shipping transport)
    • LC-CLA-17-2020: Developing the next generation of Earth System Models 

    • LC-CLA-18-2020: GEOSS observations supporting the EU in its international commitment in the domain of climate change
    • LC-CLA-02-2019: Negative emissions and land-use based mitigation assessment
    • LC-CLA-05-2019: Human dynamics of climate change
    • LC-CLA-06-2019: Inter-relations between climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services
    • SC5-10-2019-2020: Raw materials innovation actions: exploration and Earth observation in support of sustainable mining 

    • SC5-13-2018-2019: Strengthening international cooperation on sustainable urbanisation: nature-based solutions for restoration and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems
    • SFS-35-2019-2020: Sustainable Intensification in Africa : Soil system for Africa
    • BG-07-2019-2020: The Future of Seas and Oceans Flagship Initiative
  • WP Space
    • EGNSS Market uptake
      • LC-SPACE-EGNSS-1-2019-20: EGNSS applications fostering green, safe and smart mobility
      • SU-SPACE-EGNSS-3-2019-20: EGNSS applications fostering societal resilience and protecting the environment
  • WP Transport
    • LC-MG-1-6: Aviation operations impact on climate change
    • MG-2-9: Integrated multimodal, low-emission freight transport systems and logistics


Mr Juan Jose Manzano
Business Development Manager

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