Expertise on SHS, logistics and mobility, energy and materials

What we are looking for:
We are looking for :
- company project collaborations
- consortiums for working on H2020 projects in the frame of our competencies
- sub-contracting tasks on transport, mobility, energy or material areas according to our competencies.

What we offer:
Icam offers expertise on :
- SHS : modeling, analyzing and improving human, societal and environmental impacts
- modeling, simulating and improving performance
- modeling, analyzing and designing energy impacts
- modeling, and elaborating concepts on innovative materials and structures

  • WP Energy/Environnement
    • LC-SC3-SCC-1-2018-2019-2020: Smart Cities and Communities
    • SC5-13-2018-2019: Strengthening international cooperation on sustainable urbanisation: nature-based solutions for restoration and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems
    • SC5-14-2019: Visionary and integrated solutions to improve well-being and health in cities
  • WP Space
    • EGNSS Market uptake
      • LC-SPACE-EGNSS-1-2019-20: EGNSS applications fostering green, safe and smart mobility
  • WP Transport
    • LC-MG-1-10: Logistics solutions that deal with requirements of the 'on demand economy' and for shared-connected and low-emission logistics operations
    • MG-2-7: Safety in an evolving road mobility environment
    • MG-2-9: Integrated multimodal, low-emission freight transport systems and logistics


Mr Paul-Eric Dossou

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