Consulting - Innovative mobility

What we are looking for:
We are looking to integrated a consortium and built complementary expertise in autonomous vehicle development. Then, we are looking for customers who want to integrate innovative mobility systems and partners who would like to develop R&D projects on autonomous shared mobility

What we offer:
1. Helping cities to the emergence and to the implementation of innovations in transport and in logistics. BMCP is helping you to build your disruptive and innovation project, by the studying opportunities in the deployment of services in mobility:
- Developing and structuring electric mobility, with the integration of autonomous vehicles
- Projects development and international R*D in consortium
- Search for financing
- Implementation of autonomous systems in cases of specific use cases (territories and forced spaces, sensitive sites, industrial parks, hubs of transport, airports, ports, intermodal stations, amusement parks, projects of spatial).

2. Designing the development of your projects, and placing them on market of systems and autonomous vehicles.
- BMCP helps you in the secure technical implementation of your projects and the systems you wish to integrate.
- Studies and risk analyses, functional safety, certification/ratification Assistance to the simulation of the cases of uses and attacks (cybersecurity and operational)

3. Strategic Council
BMCP helping you in the analysis of innovative mobility trends.
- Businesses development / development and project management
- Analysis and valuation of market
- Technological expertise
- Evaluate market and regulations
- Identification and development of opportunities
- Development of business disruptive models MaaS by means of Agile and Lean methods

  • WP Transport
    • LC-MG-1-10: Logistics solutions that deal with requirements of the 'on demand economy' and for shared-connected and low-emission logistics operations
    • MG-2-7: Safety in an evolving road mobility environment
    • MG-2-9: Integrated multimodal, low-emission freight transport systems and logistics
    • DT-ART-04: Developing and testing shared, connected and cooperative automated vehicles fleets in urban areas for the mobility of all


Ms Nathalie Lê
Projects Engineer - Shared & Autonomous Mobility Systems

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