Remote sensing solutions for a changing world

What we are looking for:
The possibility of having a Data Processing Center (CED) allows the continuous acquisition of a wide range of environmental data that are constantly cataloged, georeferenced and used in all the different fields of work.
using free available satellite images such as Copernicus sentinel or Landsat program can help us conduct numerous studies at a large scale.

What we offer:
GeoloGIS provides consulting and solutions for problems related to land planning, in terms of environmental protection and sustainable development.

GeoloGIS uses Remote Piloted Aircraft (APR) that support different types of sensors aimed at the realization of aerofotogrammetric, multi spectral and infrared thermal surveys and autonomous underwater vehicles (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles - AUV) that perform physical scans and surveys of coastal and oceans areas. proximal. GeoloGIS uses Remote Piloted Aircraft (APR) along a miniaturized laser scanner (LiDAR), able to generate point clouds of the Earth's surface, geo-referenced and without the presence of trees and undergrowth.

  • WP Energy/Environnement
    • LC-SC3-ES-4-2018-2020: Decarbonising energy systems of geographical Islands
    • SC5-16-2019: Development of commercial activities and services through the use of GEOSS and Copernicus data
    • LC-CLA-18-2020: GEOSS observations supporting the EU in its international commitment in the domain of climate change
    • SC5-14-2019: Visionary and integrated solutions to improve well-being and health in cities 

    • SC5-13-2018-2019: Strengthening international cooperation on sustainable urbanisation: nature-based solutions for restoration and rehabilitation of urban ecosystems
    • SFS-35-2019-2020: Sustainable Intensification in Africa : Soil system for Africa


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