What we are looking for:
We are looking for partners for Horizon Projects and want to participate as partner in the projects

What we offer:
4/5 G
Cyber Security
Integrated Communication
Cloud and Big Data
----Digital Transformation
Digital Readiness
New Generation VoIP Solutions
Cyber Security
New Generation Data Center
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Business Solutions
Strategic Partnership
----Innovation & Productization
Multimedia Communication and Collaboration
VIO (Video Communication Platfrom)
Nova Cyber Security Products
Neos Energy Management Solutions
Mobi-fi Service Management
Broadband Mobility Applications
ION - IoT Platform
Custom Software Development Solutions
Public Security Solutions
Operation Support System Solutions
Netas Wesley Clover Technology Fund (NWCTF)
Financial Institutions
Telecommunication Service Providers
Public and Public Security
Sports and Entertainment
Retail and Fast Consumption
Netas TestCenter
Cyber Operations Center
Vendor Warranty Services
Advanced Professional Services
Support Services


Mr Hakan Noyan
Senior Engineer
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